learning new tricks

This week, the Boy and I each learned a new trick in the kitchen.

First, I learned how to to change the faucet. Our kitchen used to have one of those taps with separate hot and cold knobs. Hardly ideal for when you have sticky, dirty hands and just want to get them clean without making a huge mess!

The Boy supervised, and I learned a bit about plumbing.

I am loving the new faucet, and am excited to have learned how to change them. It was easy in terms of skills required, but challenging because it is cramped under the kitchen sink, and a certain amount of contortion is needed to get it together.

Later in the week, this little cyclist had a birthday. And I got a homemade birthday cake! The Boy's first foray into baking, and because I was at work, it was entirely unsupervised.
This photo brought to you by the self-timer function on the camera
Chocolate cake, with broiled coconut topping. Absolutely delicious!


Janet said...

Does indeed look very good!

Meg said...

Both of these skills are important, but I would encourage further development of Ted's new skill. You can only change so many faucets, but the cake options are endless!