real life

Things have been a bit busy around here. As I said to a friend, it's been a busy-work-project, wedding-planning, home-buying kind of spring. Sadly, when the real life stuff gets busy, something has to give, and first it's the blogging, then the training and racing. So let's get caught up!

Very proud to say I've got a pretty interesting (though busy) project happening at work, and as a result, a promotion. It's good stuff, except that I am still getting the hang of it and figuring out how to stay on top of it all without working late every night.

I did get a race in there, at Mansfield. Due to lack of training, it was nothing to write home (or here!) about, but it was still fun.

Two weeks ago, the Boy and I threw a little party. I feel so lucky to have such great family and friends, and to be able to share this celebration with them. It was a bit overwhelming, but in the most awesome way. All in all, it was a great weekend - got a new husband, celebrated with very wonderful friends and family who traveled from near and far to be there, and had great weather for the whole thing (including the post-wedding Buckwallow ride).

And the other thing that's been chugging along in the background is a recent purchase. Moving in September - can't wait!


sunshineprincess said...

Woot woot!!! lots of stuff to celebrate!

Janet said...

It was a most awesome weekend!