developing my green thumb

One of the nice things we've discovered this spring is the garden at the house. The previous owners left behind a gorgeous perennial garden, and now I'm trying to learn what to do to keep it looking good. The entire front yard is garden, and the backyard is all patio and garden beds. Bonus - no grass to mow! We had lots of daffodils in April, tulips now, and it looks like irises and peonies will be blooming next. I've been getting help identifying some of the plants, although there are still a few I don't yet know.

 Since I am spending more time outside and in the yard, the cats have been out to explore the yard, as well. It is way easier to come in and out (especially with hands full of food for the BBQ or tools to work in the garden) if I'm not also fighting to keep the cats inside. We've implemented a limited open-door policy, and it's working well - the cats come in and out when the door is open and one of us in the yard, and they are generally good about coming in when it's time to go. Often, they're back inside before I am!

We planted a few seedlings this weekend, before the weather turned (there's threat of frost tonight!), hopefully they'll be ok until it is warmer again later this week. We put in cherry tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, snow peas, spinach and beets. I've also started zucchini and cucumber plants from seed, but they won't be ready for the great outdoors for a little while.

The other benefit of having our own garden: fresh ingredients for baking! I made a rhubarb-apple pie, with rhubarb fresh from the backyard. Yum!


Meg said...

That pie looks AMAZING!!!! Rhubarb is the only thing I manage to grow - it seems the more I neglect it, the stronger it gets!
The rest of your garden looks very pretty.

Janet said...

your pie looks fantastic and the yard is quite pretty!